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Throwing Caps


CLASS 2022

QCB has been a unique place for me to grow as much as I can and give as much as I have back to the community.”




Join the growing ranks of QBIO alumni now working at the highest levels of industry centered on solving complex problems using large scale data analysis.

From world class research facilities including the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Broad Institute in Boston to software engineering at Google and Facebook, QCB alumni are among the most highly sought-after graduates entering the workforce today. 

Xin Bai.jpg

Xin Bai, Ph.D. CBB '22

Post Graduation: Software Engineer at Google 

“QCB is an inclusive and united family with fantastic faculty, staff, and students. The professional training, I have received from QCB laid solid foundations not only for my research but also for my future endeavors.”

Brendon Cooper.jpg

Brendon Cooper, Ph.D. CBB


Post Graduation: I will be working as a Postdoc in the Rohs Lab. After wrapping up formal and informal collaborations with the friends I’ve met during my time at USC, I will move back to northern California to continue biological research in an industrial setting. With my background in genetics and genomics, I aim to bridge relationships between computational and experimental research groups while effectively communicating the benefits and caveats of implementing modern machine learning approaches.


“Since joining USC, I have felt warmly welcomed as a member of the Remo Rohs Lab. I explored the detailed binding preferences of closely related DNA-binding proteins, implementing a new framework and providing a publicly available webserver for the rapid alignment of quantitative binding data. The analysis revealed a consistent and pervasive impact by positions outside the most conserved region of the binding site, cumulatively capable of reducing the affinity of an optimal binding site ≈ 40 fold. It has been an honor serving alongside other members as the president of the Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Graduate Student Association in organizing both academic and nonacademic events to help us all get through life as PhD students before, during, and after the peak of the COVID pandemic. I am looking forward to continuing and further building our relationships long after graduation. Fight on!”

Joe Larsen.jpg

Joseph Larsen, Ph.D. CBB '22


Post Graduation: Joseph “Joe” Larsen has been part of the Convergent Science Institute in Cancer studying the progression of disease using cross-sectional data while a member of QCB at USC. Next, he will being working at the Veteran Affairs Boston and Harvard Medical School using veteran data to improve health outcomes.

Joe Larsen has enjoyed his time at USC studying the order of events in disease such as symptom onset in COVID-19 and structural variations in cancer.

Jinsen Li.jpg

Jinsen Li, Ph.D. CBB '22

Post Graduation: Jinsen Li graduated from Peking University before coming to USC. At USC, he also got a computer science master degree specialized in data science. He plans to continue his academic career as a postdoc in the field of computational biology. 

Jinsen Li’s research is about computational methods, machine learning and deep learning applications on protein and DNA binding. 

Tsung-Yu Lu.jpg

Tsung-Yu Lu, Ph.D. CBB '22

Post Graduation: Bioinformatics Researcher in industry in the near future while working as a Postdoc in the Chaisson Lab.

“QCB has been a unique place for me to grow as much as I can and give as much as I have back to the community.”

Bo Sun.jpeg

Bo Sun, Ph.D. CBB '22

Post Graduation: Meta as Research Scientist, working on AI and computer vision. 

"I really enjoy the free and caring environment here at QCB. It empowers me to do things of my interest and to be impactful."

Zifan Zhu.jpg

Zifan Zhu, Ph.D. CBB '22

Post Graduation: Meta as a Research Scientist 

“I received my PhD in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics in 2022. I am now a Research Scientist at Meta. My research is focused on human microbiome related analyses using computational algorithms and statistical modelings. I was also a member of the QCB Graduate Student Association (GSA).”

Guilherme De Sena Brandine.jpg

Guilherme De Sena Brandine, Ph.D. CBB '22

Post Graduation: I will work as a bioinformatics scientist at Pacific Biosciences, where I hope to use high-throughput sequencing data analysis to identify complex patterns in genetic diseases that may aid diagnostics and treatment.

"During my PhD at QBIO I learned technical and academic skills that are necessary in the field of computational biology. On the technical side, I gained vast experience in efficient programming (predominantly C++) and rigorous probabilistic modeling and statistical data analysis in R. On the academic side, I believe I learned to "do science" properly, in particular understand limitations of existing methods to solve a problem, designing creative new solutions, implementing these solutions and comparing them objectively to the state of the art. Through the QCB PhD program, I believe I obtained every tool necessary to be a good bioinformatics scientist, and I hope my future contributions will live up to everything I was taught!"

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