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Scientist Pipetting



The CBB minor supports students seeking an educational background which covers a wide breadth of disciplines and better prepares them for a broad array of careers.


With the enormous amount of data being generated in nearly every modern industry - from finance to filmmaking - a CBB minor is the perfect solution for undergraduate students hoping to augment their education with a rigorous background in the data driven inquiry and analysis.

Students seeking to bolster their knowledge and skills in a world increasingly dominated by data are discovering the CBB minor to be an outstanding supplement to their declared major with rigorous courses in biological sciences as well as computational and quantitative analysis.



The CBB minor provides essential training in using quantitative skills to solve fundamental biological problems as well as problems related to public health, neuroscience and environment.


This minor includes four tracks according to the background of the students in biology, mathematics, computer science and engineering.

For questions about the CBB minor, please contact us at

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