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"Biology has really become a quantitative science. A modern biologist generates data and needs to effectively analyze that data."

Professor Remo Rohs

Founding Department Chair of Quantitative and Computational Biology


Quantitative and Computational Biology is the fascinating intersection of computer science, mathematics and biology. This exciting field of study has rapidly become a critical key to solving many of the most complex problems facing our world today.

At USC, the Quantitative and Computational Biology Department is leading the way in training students to be both high-level biologists and high-level data analysts.

Scientist with Microscope

From exploring the interface between computational genomics and computational structural biology to providing a high-dimensional view of genome organization and cellular function, it is more vital than ever that scientists have the ability to effectively and accurately analyze the enormous amount of data generated by modern-day experiments.

To meet the increasing demand for outstanding biologists capable of rigorously analyzing data, the QCB Department at USC is proud to offer students a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary curriculum with both undergraduate and graduate programs featuring a wide range of courses in the biological sciences alongside a robust selection of mathematics and computer sciences courses.

Test Tubes

Currently, the QCB Department is conducting research in numerous areas including:

Research at the Department of Quantitative and Computational Biology is supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, the Human Frontiers Science Program, private foundations and philanthropy.

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