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"I am so proud to have been part of QBIO's inaugural class. The sense of community, the mentorship, and the coursework set QBIO apart from other programs."




Discover why the QBIO major at the University of Southern California is one of the leading pre-med, pre-grad and pre-industry programs in the country.

Join a diverse team of outstanding students, exceptional faculty, and distinguished researchers in the exciting field of quantitative and computational biology.


Kate Cunningham 


"I joined the QBIO major in summer 2017 shortly after it was announced. My favorite parts of being a QBIO student were the introductory seminar and getting to work with other seniors in the honors seminar. I studied circulating tumor cells for two and half years in the Convergent Science Institute in Cancer. After graduation, I started work as a Research Associate at Epic Sciences, a biotech company bringing CTC technology to patients. I'll be starting my MD-PhD in Summer 2021 at Columbia University."

Samantha Graham.jpeg

Samantha Graham


"I am so proud to have been part of QBIO's inaugural class. The sense of community, the mentorship, and the coursework set QBIO apart from other programs. I am now working towards a PhD in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology, and Genetics at the University of Minnesota."

Nick Markarian.jpg

Nicholas Markarian 


"I’m finishing up my first year of medical school in the USC-Caltech MD-PhD Program and getting ready to start my first PhD rotation at Caltech! I have so many good memories with my QBIO friends, and I hope we run into each other in our careers!"

Ian Bunner.jpg

Ian Bunner  


"I am currently a PhD student in the Math Department at North Carolina State. I am forever indebted to the program and am very proud to have been in its first graduating class. The curriculum is very thoughtfully designed to address the needs of the aspiring modern biologist; however, to think that the value of the program is related to the classes it prescribes is a mistake. Its true value is the community it builds, the curiosity it sparks and the support it provides. The QBIO team have created something so rare: a program that is the best of its kind yet feels like a paradise."

Sydney Suzuki.jpg

Sydney Suzuki   


"I was part of the first graduating class in the undergraduate program and am currently part of the graduate program. The QCB department has truly done so much for me, and it has a very strong sense of community. It has provided me exposure to courses in a variety of fields, which has opened up so many doors, and it has also allowed me enough flexibility to cater the degree to my interests. I am thankful for all the work that was put into creating the program and am honored to be part of the family. I am currently working as a clinical research assistant while I finish my master’s degree and am still deciding on what is next for me. "

Callie Rosanky.jpg

Caroline Rosanky     


"I am doing research at a retinal ophthalmology clinic in Austin currently and am preparing to apply to medical school next year."

Alex Maher.jpg

Alexander Maher    

B.S.'20 M.S.'21

"The QCB community was the home that I had always hoped I would find when I thought about attending university. It provided not only the academic freedom to pursue and attain a diverse set of subjects and skillsets, but also a group of peers that I know I will remain in contact with for the rest of my life. The tools I acquired through this major allowed me to contribute to a variety of research projects as both an undergraduate and master’s student studying the effects of various neuropathologies such as traumatic brain injury and Alzheimer’s disease.  With the skillset I attained through this department, I will continue my research projects as I apply to various MD-PhD programs to further my education and training."

2020 Commencement Speeches
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